Top 10 Halloween Songs

Candy, death, barfing, and goats. What else would you sing about on Halloween?

  1. O’Reilly, O’Reilly – a song about two dead guys in a bed
  2. Lavatory Man – a song about poop
  3. Great Green Gobs – a song about things you never want to eat
  4. Barfonyou – a song about language and love . . . and barf
  5. Greg the Goat – a song about a goat with a terrible sense of direction
  6. Bazooka Bubble Gum – a song about candy that goes stale after 3 seconds
  7. The Buffalo Song – a song about a dead buffalo
  8. Bill Grogan’s Goat – a song about another ill-fated goat
  9. Lemon Drops and Gum Drops – a song about candy that falls from the sky
  10. The Bear Song – a song about meeting a bear, running away from that bear, and then killing that bear