Type of Game Pen & Paper, Scavenger Hunt
# of Participants Unlimited
  • paper
  • pen
  • tape
Where to Play Inside or Outside

How to Play

  1. The leader comes up with information about the natural environment and puts it into an envelope.
    • D’JUNO that some plants receive their nourishment by eating other plants and insects?
    • D’JUNO that a large porcupine may have as many as 35,000 quills?
    • D’JUNO that the Canadian-United States boundary is 3,789 miles in length not including Alaska?
    • D’JUNO that one of the largest vultures ever known weighed more than 15 pounds and had a wing span of 8 feet?
    • D’JUNO that the weasel, the smallest carnivore, is credited with being able to pass through a wedding ring?
  2. The leader also comes up with clues that lead to the location of the D’JUNO. These clues can be rhyming couplets or just simple sentences.
  3. The leader hides the D’JUNO somewhere around camp and plants the first clue for the entire group to read.
  4. If, after ten minutes or so, no one has located the D’JUNO, the leader posts another clue. This continues until someone discovers the envelope and becomes the winner!

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