Camp Links


Camp Leadership

Idea sharing for camp professionals

Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Child-friendly and staff-friendly music

Ultimate Camp Resource

Camp games, camp songs, camp skits


All kinds of Scouting-related resources for Scouters and youth groups

Camp Spirit

Camp training resources from Dr. Christopher Thurber

CT Camp Guys

A professional consulting group – Mark Pooler & Patrick Connelly

The Camp Counselor

Summer Camp Training and Consulting – Scott Arizala

Summer Camp Program Director

Summer camp programming resource – Curt “Moose” Jackson

Corduroy's Button

Theme, craft, and game ideas + training resources – Miss Brenda


Forrest Perry

Camp Director, Innovationist, Outdoor Enthusiast

Scott Arizala

The nation’s leading expert on summer camp and youth development

Chris Thurber

Father, husband, psychologist, author…committed to the principles of kindness and leadership by example.

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