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– Brittany

Nonsense Song – Lunatic’s Lullaby Version

Submitted by: Sarah

Oh I was born at night one morn when the whistle went boom boom
You can buy a cake or fry a snake when the mud pies are in bloom
Does six and six make nine? Does ice grow on a vine?
Is old black Joe an Eskimo in the good old summertime?
Oh loop de loop in your noodle soup just to give your socks a shine
If rather buy a lemon pie for forty seven bucks plus tax
If easter eggs don’t wash their legs their children will have ducks- quack quack
Way down in Barcelone-ee-o they jump into the foamy-o
But that is all baloney-o
Paddrewski blow your horn peep peep

Ghost Catchers

Category: Skits

a.k.a. “Ghostbusters”
Type of Skit Funny, Punch Line
# of Participants 3
Props Needed: none
Suggested: pretend ghost-catching equipment


The two ghost catchers will pretend that they cannot see the “ghost” for the entire skit. The ghost should move around, making noises and laughing at the ghost catchers.

Ghost Catcher 1: (to Ghost Catcher 2) I’ve heard this house has a terrible ghost that won’t leave. The owners have called us here to get rid of it for them. Do have your net?

Ghost Catcher 2: (shows Ghost Catcher 1 his/her net) Right here!

Ghost Catcher 1: Good. Let’s go inside and see what we’re dealing with. (both ghost catchers go inside the “house”)

Ghost: (makes ghost sounds, stomps, creeps around the ghost catchers)

Ghost Catcher 1: Okay, try and catch it in your net!

Both ghost catchers try to catch the ghost in their nets, but can’t. The ghost laughs at them.

Ghost Catcher 2: It’s no use! The nets won’t work.

Ghost Catcher 1: Okay, let’s try our _____. (insert whatever object you’d like here and repeat this action as many times as you’d like with the ghost catchers trying different objects and failing. You could use bowls, shovels, hula hoops, whatever your camp has lying around!)

Ghost Catcher 2: It’s no use! None of these things will catch the ghost!

Ghost Catcher 1: It’s hopeless! (starts singing a song loudly and off-key. The ghost leaves.)

Ghost Catchers” on Ultimate Camp Resource

Firing Squad

Category: Skits

Type of Skit Funny, Punch Line
# of Participants 8
Props Needed: None
Suggested: water balloons


(The “firing squad”–4 campers–marched the “prisoners”–4 campers–to the execution spot. You could also pretend that the campers will have water balloons or pies thrown at them instead of being shot, especially if younger campers will be present.)

Firing Squad Leader: (to Prisoner 1) Do you have any last requests?

Prisoner 1: No.

Firing Squad Leader: Ready . . . Aim . . .

Prisoner 1: (points behind the Firing Squad) HURRICANE! (the Firing Squad turns to look and Prisoner 1 runs away)

Firing Squad Leader: That was weird. Looks like we’ve lost a prisoner though. Oh well! Do you have any last requests?

Prisoner 2: No.

Firing Squad Leader: Ready . . . Aim . . .

Prisoner 2: (points behind the Firing Squad) TORNADO! (the Firing Squad turns to look and Prisoner 2 runs away)

Firing Squad Leader: This is so strange. Looks like we’ve lost another prisoner though. Oh well! Do you have any last requests?

Prisoner 3: No.

Firing Squad Leader: Ready . . . Aim . . .

Prisoner 3: (points behind the Firing Squad) FLOOD! (the Firing Squad turns to look and Prisoner s runs away)

Firing Squad Leader: What an odd day! Looks like we’ve lost yet another prisoner though. Oh well! Do you have any last requests?

Prisoner 4: No.

Firing Squad Leader: Ready . . . Aim . . .

Prisoner 4: (points behind the Firing Squad) FIRE! (the Firing Squad shoots the prisoner, or throws water balloons at him/her)

Other Versions:

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Category: Skits

Type of Skit Audience Participation, Funny, Punch Line
# of Participants 5
Props Needed: None


(4 campers–the Echo–hide out of sight. The other camper goes in front of the group. When Camper 1 calls out the words, the four Echos repeat them back. The first Echo should be loud, the second a bit softer, the third even softer, and the last should be the softest like a real echo.)

Camper 1: I heard that this spot has a really great echo. I think I’ll try it out and see. HELLO!!

Echo: HELLO!! . . . Hello! . . . Hello . . . Hello

Camper 1: CHEESE!!

Echo: CHEESE!! . . . Cheese! . . . Cheese . . . Cheese

Camper 1: BOLOGNA!!

Echo: (silence)

Camper 1: Hmm. Maybe I should try again. BOLOGNA!!

Echo: (silence)

Camper 1: Let’s try something different. [Leader’s Name] is the greatest!

Echo: BOLOGNA!! . . . Bologna! . . . Bologna . . . Bologna

Echo Skit” on Scoutorama
Echo” on Ultimate Camp Resource

Dancing Zebras

Category: Skits

Type of Skit Funny
# of Participants 2
Props Needed: a rope, a roll of clear, somewhat sticky tape


Camper 1: Ladies and gentlemen! Be quiet, now! Thank you. We have a very special treat for you tonight. We have acquired some very rare dancing zebras! And now, for your viewing please, here they–

Camper 2: No, no, we can’t bring them out here.

Camper 1: What?! Why not? The audience is dying to see them!

Camper 2: Because of that. (Points to the rope on the ground)

Camper 1: Oh, right. Yes, that is a problem. The dancing zebras might trip and fall over a rope like that. Well, I guess that’s it, we can’t do the show.

Camper 2: Yes we can! We just need to tape it down or something. Oh look, I have some here. (Pulls a roll of tape out of his/her pocket)

Camper 1: Oh, you’ve saved the day! Here, give me the tape and I’ll fix this problem.

Camper 2: No, no, I can do it. See, I just need to unroll a little bit– (gets tape stuck to his/her hands). Uh oh. It’s still usable, we can just peel it off carefully. (Starts to peel the tape off of his/her hand.)

Camper 1: Oh, don’t be silly! Give it here, I’ll do it! (Takes the tape from Camper 2, accidentally winding it around Camper 2)

Camper 2: Wait, wait, you’re wasting it! Don’t go any further. We can save this. (starts rolling the tape back onto the roll.)

Camper 1:No, no, no! Give it here, you’re wrecking it! You can’t wind it back onto the roll once you’ve unrolled it! (takes the tape back and gets even more tangled in it)

(This action should continue on a bit longer until almost the entire roll of tape is used up and Camper 1 & 2 are rolled up in it.)

Camper 1: ENOUGH! (rips all of the tape off of self). YOU RUINED THE SKIT! (winds the rest of the tape around Camper 2 and Exits)

Camper 2: Wait! Wait! I can fix this! (jumps after Camper 1)

Dancing Zebras” on Ultimate Camp Resource.

The Chase

Category: Skits

Type of Skit Funny, Walk-On
# of Participants 2
Props Needed: a funny costume item; a bat/stick


Camper 1, wearing a funny costume item and holding a bat or stick, chases Camper 2 across the stage. Camper 2 is screaming. They repeat this between several songs/skits. Camper 1 finally catches Camper 2

Camper 1: Tag! You’re it! / Gently hits Camper 2 with bat/stick

Camper 2: Aw man! / Camper 1 & Camper 2 exchange items, Camper 2 puts costume on and takes bat/stick. Camper 2 chases Camper 1 off stage

The Chase

Click Image to View PDF


Category: Skits

Type of Skit Funny, Story
# of Participants 2 – 10
Props Needed: none


Begins with pairs of campers or staff lined up in a row. This skit can be done with one pair or more. One person in each pair lies down on the ground with their knees bent and the other straddles their stomach with their legs behind them. From the front, it should like there is only one person there. If using more than one pair, the actions are done by all simultaneously but the lines can be spoken by one or by a narrator

Top: (Makes a telephone with his/her hand.) Ok, Cecilia, I will see you in five minutes. (Puts phone away.) So I waited, and I waited, and I waited. (Bottom puts right ankle on left knee, Top leans on right hand. Every time they hear the word “waited”, they switch legs and hands.)

Top: I thought I heard a knock, a knock, a knock upon the door. (On the word “knock” Top pretends to knock on a door, Bottom stamps his/her feet.)

Top: So I ran downstairs (Bottom stamps feet.), opened the door (Top pretends to open a door.) and it was (Top looks excited.) my mom (Top looks disappointed.). Continue reading

The Caterpillar

Category: Skits

Type of Skit Audience Participation, Funny, Prank, Punch Line
# of Participants 7
Props Needed: a cup of water


Narrator: I have something very exciting to show you today! I have successfully trained my pet caterpillar to do tricks!

Enter Caterpillar. Caterpillar is made up of 5 people in a line, holding onto the shoulders of the person in front of them.

Narrator: Okay, Caterpillar, walk around in a circle.

Caterpillar walks in a circle

Narrator: Okay, make the shape of a triangle!

Caterpillar arranges itself into a triangle Continue reading

The Captain of the Ship

Category: Skits

Type of Skit Audience Participation, Funny, Punch Line
# of Participants 2
Props Needed: a red jacket or sweater
Suggested: a telescope or paper towel roll


(Ask the campers to make battle sounds when the Captain is battling. Have someone available to cue them. Enter Captain and First Mate)

First Mate: (looking through telescope) Captain, I see a ship off the port side!

Captain: How many men and how many guns?

First Mate: 20 men and 20 guns!

Captain: Very good! Bring me my red jacket so the men won’t see me bleed! (First Mate exits, brings back jacket. Captain puts jacket on) Continue reading