Ghost Catchers

Category: Skits

a.k.a. “Ghostbusters”
Type of Skit Funny, Punch Line
# of Participants 3
Props Needed: none
Suggested: pretend ghost-catching equipment


The two ghost catchers will pretend that they cannot see the “ghost” for the entire skit. The ghost should move around, making noises and laughing at the ghost catchers.

Ghost Catcher 1: (to Ghost Catcher 2) I’ve heard this house has a terrible ghost that won’t leave. The owners have called us here to get rid of it for them. Do have your net?

Ghost Catcher 2: (shows Ghost Catcher 1 his/her net) Right here!

Ghost Catcher 1: Good. Let’s go inside and see what we’re dealing with. (both ghost catchers go inside the “house”)

Ghost: (makes ghost sounds, stomps, creeps around the ghost catchers)

Ghost Catcher 1: Okay, try and catch it in your net!

Both ghost catchers try to catch the ghost in their nets, but can’t. The ghost laughs at them.

Ghost Catcher 2: It’s no use! The nets won’t work.

Ghost Catcher 1: Okay, let’s try our _____. (insert whatever object you’d like here and repeat this action as many times as you’d like with the ghost catchers trying different objects and failing. You could use bowls, shovels, hula hoops, whatever your camp has lying around!)

Ghost Catcher 2: It’s no use! None of these things will catch the ghost!

Ghost Catcher 1: It’s hopeless! (starts singing a song loudly and off-key. The ghost leaves.)

Ghost Catchers” on Ultimate Camp Resource

Daniel Boone

Category: Skits

Type of Skit Funny,
# of Participants Unlimited
Props Needed: a quarter


Daniel Boone: (enters and lies on the floor with quarter on his/her chest)

Passerby #1: (enters and notices the quarter) Cool, a quarter! (reaches for the quarter)

Daniel Boone: I’m the ghost of Daniel Boone, leave that quarter on my tomb.

Passerby #1: (acts scared and runs away)

[Repeat with others, each will attempt to retrieve the coin, Daniel Boone will say his/her line and they will run away. The passersby can scream, shout, cry, or faint]

Final Passerby: (enters, notices the quarter and picks it up)

Daniel Boone: I’m the ghost of Daniel Boone, leave that quarter on my tomb.

Final Passerby: (unafraid) Yeah, well I’m the ghost of Davy Crockett. This quarter is going in my pocket! (walks away)