Yells, Chants, and Cheers Song List

Yells, Chants, and Cheers are meant to get the campers moving and shouting. These songs let out all of the built-up tension from the day and help campers and staff loosen up or warm up. They can also be used as chants for team activities. When we reach the end of a yelling song, our camp likes to say “second verse, same as the first, a little bit louder and little bit worse” and then we start the verse again . . . EVEN LOUDER!

  1. A-W-E-S-O-M-E
  2. Announcement Song
  3. Banana Cheer
  4. Big Camp Mambo
  5. Birdie Birdie
  6. Black Socks
  7. Boogaloo
  8. Boom Chicka Boom
  9. Break it Down
  10. Buffalo Cheer
  11. Calamine Lotion
  12. Coast to Coast
  13. Combination Underwear
  14. Cow Kicked Nelly
  15. Disco
  16. Energy in Me
  17. Everywhere We Go
  18. Fabulous Cheer
  19. Flea Fly!
  20. Froggy
  21. The Funky Chicken
  22. G-O-O-D-M-O-R-N-I-N-G
  23. Good Morning Song
  24. Great Green Gobs
  25. Ham and Eggs
  26. Hawaiian Chant
  27. Humpty Dump
  28. It’s Not Hard
  29. Jaybird
  30. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
  31. Keep on the Sunny Side
  32. Koomalotta
  33. Little Red Wagon
  34. Miss Suzy
  35. Name Song
  36. Old Lady Leary
  37. P-A-R-T-Y
  38. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
  39. Tarzan of the Apes
  40. Telephone
  41. Wha Daten Chu
  42. Your Mama Don’t Wear No Socks

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