Category: Games

a.k.a. “The Chicken Game”
Type of Game Circle Games, Mind Games
# of Participants 5-40
Materials None
Where to Play In a large open space

How to Play

The participants stand in a circle. Each participant makes two circles with each of their hands using their index finger and thumb. They then hold these circles over each eye.
The first person starts by dropping on hand and then quickly returning it to their eye. They must say “b’gawk!” while they do this. The hand they use decides the direction that the ‘b’gawk’ will travel in. If he/she uses their right hand, play would continue to the right and vice versa.
After the first person has started the game, players can choose to use a ‘Double B’gawk’. This means that they would drop both hands instead of just one. Play continues in the same direction but the person directly opposite them is skipped over once.
When a player messes up (by b’gawking when they shouldn’t or hesitating too long) they must run around the outside of the circle flapping their arms and making chicken noises until they return to their original spot. They are then allowed to rejoin the game. The game DOES NOT stop while they are doing this which means that the other players run a higher risk of becoming distracted!