Punch Line Skit List

These skits have a punch line at the end!

  1. 7-Up
  2. Airplane Disaster
  3. Ants Marching
  4. Artistic Genius
  5. Attention! Attention!
  6. Bach
  7. Bandana Instructor
  8. Beam Me Aboard
  9. Belly Button
  10. Big Game Hunting
  11. Big Jerk, A
  12. Blue Trolls
  13. Bumblebee
  14. Camp Coffee
  15. Candy Shop
  16. Captain of the Ship, The
  17. Caterpillar, The
  18. Counselor Charades
  19. Country Campers in the Big City
  20. Crying Skit
  21. Daniel Boone
  22. Echo
  23. Firing Squad

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