Rain Storm

Category: Songs

Tune None
Type of Song Actions, Round, Build Upon/Take Away
Actions Rub hands together(this sounds like light rain and wind)
Snap fingers (this sounds like heavier rain)
Slap thighs (this sounds like even heavier rain)
Stomp feet (this is the worst part of the rain storm)
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This song is usually performed on rainy days at camp but can also be used as a way to make sure it doesn’t rain. It works best if everyone is seated in a circle on the ground or around the campfire.
The leader tells the group that they must copy the leader’s actions once the leader passes in front of them and that they cannot start or stop an action until the leader has passed. The leader then moves from one end of the circle to the other doing the first action. Once everyone in the circle is doing that action, the leader returns to the starting point and begins the next action. In this way, the group performs the actions in a kind of wave creating the sounds of a rain storm.
The leader then reverses the order to slow the rainstorm and bring it to a close. This song requires a lot of energy from the leader because they have to make so many rounds around the circle.

O’Reilly, O’Reilly

How-to: This song is usually sung in a round. The first “O’Reilly” is pronounced “O’Really” and the second “O’Reilly” is pronounced “O’Riley”. The pronunciations are switched in the second line so that “O’Riley” comes first.


O’Reilly is dead and O’Reilly don’t know it,
O’Reilly is dead and O’Reilly don’t know it,
They’re both lying dead in the very same bed,
And neither one knows that the other is dead.

Hum hum hum hum.

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AB-Twinkle-Have You Any Wool?

Category: Songs

a.k.a. “Nursery Rhyme Tongue Twister”
Tune “The Alphabet Song”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and “Baa Baa Black Sheep”
Type of Song Round
Actions None
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*Campers sit in a circle. The first camper starts singing any one of the three songs. When the camper stops, the next camper must continue the same tune with different lyrics. So, if the first camper sings “ABCDEFGH” the next camper continues “sir, yes sir, three bags” and the next “star. Up above the sky so…” etc.* Continue reading

Picking Out a Thermos

Category: Songs

Tune See video below
Type of Song Repeat-After-Me, Round
Actions *if you know the actions please provide them in the comments below*
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I’m picking out a thermos
For you, for you

No ordinary thermos
Will do, will do

It’s white, with a red stripe
And a red cap too

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