These songs don’t have actions, aren’t repeat-after-me songs, and aren’t too fancy. All you need to sing these songs is your terrible camp singing voice!

  1. Alice
  2. All My Life’s a Circle
  3. Alphabet Love Song
  4. Animal Fair, The
  5. Banjo
  6. Barfonyou
  7. Barges
  8. Be Kind
  9. Bed Bug Song
  10. Birdie Song
  11. Boa Constrictor
  12. Camp Counselor
  13. Candy Land
  14. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  15. Cow Down on the Farm
  16. Cowboy Joe
  17. Cowboy Song, The
  18. Darlin’
  19. Dewey
  20. Did You Ever See a Fishie?
  21. Dunderbeck
  22. Fly in the Grocery Store
  23. Geoduck
  24. Georgie
  25. Goober Peas
  26. Grandma’s Lye Soap
  27. Happy Hippo
  28. Have You Ever Been a Fishing?
  29. I am Cow
  30. Let There be Peas on Earth
  31. Louise the Elephant
  32. Mama Don’t Allow
  33. Nonsense Song
  34. Sara the Whale

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