Nonsense Song – Lunatic’s Lullaby Version

Submitted by: Sarah

Oh I was born at night one morn when the whistle went boom boom
You can buy a cake or fry a snake when the mud pies are in bloom
Does six and six make nine? Does ice grow on a vine?
Is old black Joe an Eskimo in the good old summertime?
Oh loop de loop in your noodle soup just to give your socks a shine
If rather buy a lemon pie for forty seven bucks plus tax
If easter eggs don’t wash their legs their children will have ducks- quack quack
Way down in Barcelone-ee-o they jump into the foamy-o
But that is all baloney-o
Paddrewski blow your horn peep peep

Top 10 Halloween Songs

Candy, death, barfing, and goats. What else would you sing about on Halloween?

  1. O’Reilly, O’Reilly – a song about two dead guys in a bed
  2. Lavatory Man – a song about poop
  3. Great Green Gobs – a song about things you never want to eat
  4. Barfonyou – a song about language and love . . . and barf
  5. Greg the Goat – a song about a goat with a terrible sense of direction
  6. Bazooka Bubble Gum – a song about candy that goes stale after 3 seconds
  7. The Buffalo Song – a song about a dead buffalo
  8. Bill Grogan’s Goat – a song about another ill-fated goat
  9. Lemon Drops and Gum Drops – a song about candy that falls from the sky
  10. The Bear Song – a song about meeting a bear, running away from that bear, and then killing that bear

Boogie-Woogie Washing Woman

Due to the racist nature of this song, we will not publish the lyrics on our site. If you are interested in viewing this song, you can find it here, here, or here.

You can find out more about the origins of this song on Wikipedia. Below is Wikipedia’s explanation of the ban placed on the film, “Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat,” from which this song originates:

This cartoon has been withheld from distribution by Universal since 1949 due to its portrayal of African-Americans. The decision was made after a strong objection was raised by the NAACP upon the short’s reissue in 1948. The entire short was a shock to Lantz who prided himself on avoiding problems with the censors. He repeatedly stated that his cartoons were never meant to offend anyone. After the 1948 decision, Lantz made a major effort to make sure that offensive caricatures of any racial or ethnic group would never appear in his cartoons again. He also personally made sure that Scrub Me Mama would never be distributed on television.