3 Facts

a.k.a “Interview”
Type of Game this is an icebreaker about getting to know each other
Number of Participants unlimited
Materials none
Where to Play inside or outside

How to Play:

Divide the participants into pairs. All of the pairs then spend three minutes interviewing their partners. Each interviewer has to find three interesting facts about their partner.

Everyone gets back together and presents the three facts that they learned about their partner.

This game can drag a bit so make sure you keep everyone moving along.

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Two Truths and a Lie

a.k.a. “Fact or Fiction”
Type of Game Getting to Know Each Other, Icebreaker Game
Number of Participants unlimited, a larger group can be split into smaller ones
Materials: paper and pens, if needed
Where to Play: inside or outside

How to Play:
Everyone thinks of or writes down three things about themselves. They should be things that other people in the group may not know about them. Two of these things have to be true and one of them false.

The participants take turns sharing their three things and the rest of the group votes on whether they are true or false. This game is a great way to learn new things about people!

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