Country Campers in the Big City

Category: Skits

a.k.a. “Country Scouts in the Big City”
Type of Skit Funny
# of Participants 3
Props Needed: a circle of paper or cardboard about the size of a manhole cover


Country Camper #1: Our first trip to the big city has been great!

Country Camper #2: Yes it has! (Looking around) Have you ever seen such big buildings?

Country Camper #1: No I haven’t. (Also looking around) Have you ever seen so many stores?

Country Camper #2: No I haven’t. Have you ever seen so much traffic and so many people?

Country Camper #1: Never in my life! (Stops and looks down) Gee, I wonder what this is for? (Points to the circle on the ground)

Country Camper #2: Oh, I know what that’s for, watch me.

Together: Some time later . . .

Country Camper #2: (Jumping on the circle) 21, 21, 21 . . .

Country Camper #1: (Watches, smiling)

City Camper #1: (Enters) Hey, what are you doing?

Country Camper #2: Oh, we are from the country and this is our first trip to the big city! We didn’t know it could be this much fun to visit the city.

City Camper #1: For crying out loud, you’re jumping up and down in the middle of the street!

Country Camper #1: Yeah, but it’s so much fun!

City Camper #1: But you’ll be hit by a car! You country folk need to learn a lesson about the big city.

Country Camper #2: Aw, come on, try it! It’s fun. (Starts jumping again) 21, 21, 21 . . .

City Camper #1: Not me!

Country Camper #1: Come on, try it! It’s real fun!

City Camper #1: (Steps onto the circle and does a little hop) 21.

Country Camper #2: No, you’ve got to really put yourself into it! (Jumps really high) 21, 21, 21 . . .

City Camper #1: Okay, okay, I’ll show you that anything country folk can do, city folk can do better! (Jumps really high) 21!!!

Country Campers #1 & #2: (Pull the circle away really quickly)

City Camper #3: (Falls to the ground, rolling away)

Country Campers #1 & #2: (Put the circle back)

Country Camper #1: Okay, my turn now. (Jumps on the circle) 22, 22, 22 . . .