Category: Skits

Type of Skit Audience Participation, Funny, Punch Line
# of Participants 5
Props Needed: None


(4 campers–the Echo–hide out of sight. The other camper goes in front of the group. When Camper 1 calls out the words, the four Echos repeat them back. The first Echo should be loud, the second a bit softer, the third even softer, and the last should be the softest like a real echo.)

Camper 1: I heard that this spot has a really great echo. I think I’ll try it out and see. HELLO!!

Echo: HELLO!! . . . Hello! . . . Hello . . . Hello

Camper 1: CHEESE!!

Echo: CHEESE!! . . . Cheese! . . . Cheese . . . Cheese

Camper 1: BOLOGNA!!

Echo: (silence)

Camper 1: Hmm. Maybe I should try again. BOLOGNA!!

Echo: (silence)

Camper 1: Let’s try something different. [Leader’s Name] is the greatest!

Echo: BOLOGNA!! . . . Bologna! . . . Bologna . . . Bologna

Echo Skit” on Scoutorama
Echo” on Ultimate Camp Resource

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