Dancing Zebras

Category: Skits

Type of Skit Funny
# of Participants 2
Props Needed: a rope, a roll of clear, somewhat sticky tape


Camper 1: Ladies and gentlemen! Be quiet, now! Thank you. We have a very special treat for you tonight. We have acquired some very rare dancing zebras! And now, for your viewing please, here they–

Camper 2: No, no, we can’t bring them out here.

Camper 1: What?! Why not? The audience is dying to see them!

Camper 2: Because of that. (Points to the rope on the ground)

Camper 1: Oh, right. Yes, that is a problem. The dancing zebras might trip and fall over a rope like that. Well, I guess that’s it, we can’t do the show.

Camper 2: Yes we can! We just need to tape it down or something. Oh look, I have some here. (Pulls a roll of tape out of his/her pocket)

Camper 1: Oh, you’ve saved the day! Here, give me the tape and I’ll fix this problem.

Camper 2: No, no, I can do it. See, I just need to unroll a little bit– (gets tape stuck to his/her hands). Uh oh. It’s still usable, we can just peel it off carefully. (Starts to peel the tape off of his/her hand.)

Camper 1: Oh, don’t be silly! Give it here, I’ll do it! (Takes the tape from Camper 2, accidentally winding it around Camper 2)

Camper 2: Wait, wait, you’re wasting it! Don’t go any further. We can save this. (starts rolling the tape back onto the roll.)

Camper 1:No, no, no! Give it here, you’re wrecking it! You can’t wind it back onto the roll once you’ve unrolled it! (takes the tape back and gets even more tangled in it)

(This action should continue on a bit longer until almost the entire roll of tape is used up and Camper 1 & 2 are rolled up in it.)

Camper 1: ENOUGH! (rips all of the tape off of self). YOU RUINED THE SKIT! (winds the rest of the tape around Camper 2 and Exits)

Camper 2: Wait! Wait! I can fix this! (jumps after Camper 1)

Dancing Zebras” on Ultimate Camp Resource.

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