The Caterpillar

Category: Skits

Type of Skit Audience Participation, Funny, Prank, Punch Line
# of Participants 7
Props Needed: a cup of water


Narrator: I have something very exciting to show you today! I have successfully trained my pet caterpillar to do tricks!

Enter Caterpillar. Caterpillar is made up of 5 people in a line, holding onto the shoulders of the person in front of them.

Narrator: Okay, Caterpillar, walk around in a circle.

Caterpillar walks in a circle

Narrator: Okay, make the shape of a triangle!

Caterpillar arranges itself into a triangle

Narrator: For my last trick, I will need a volunteer. (Should be someone okay with getting wet) Please lie down on the ground right here. Now, my caterpillar is going to walk over this volunteer!

Caterpillar carefully steps over the volunteer. The last person in the line will have secretly picked up a cup of water which they will dump on the volunteer as they step over them

Narrator: Oh my goodness! I am so sorry, it appears as though my caterpillar is not quite house trained yet!

The Caterpillar

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