Bully Be Gone

Category: Skits

Type of Skit Funny
# of Participants 4
Props Needed: sign reading “The Next Day”
Suggested: spray can, money


Camper 1: (walking along slowly)

Bully: (enters, approaches Camper 1) Give me all your money!

Camper 1: No!

Bully: (pushes Camper 1 and takes his/her money)

Narrator: Have you been bullied, (Camper 1 nods) picked on, (Camper 1 nods) or mugged? (Camper 1 nods) Then you need ‘Bully-Be-Gone’ (Camper 1 looks confused) Bully-Be-Gone, the new invisible wall in a can!

(A volunteer holds up a sign that reads “The Next Day”)

Bully: Hey kid, give me all your money or you’ll get another beating except worse!

Camper 1: No! (pulls out can of Bully-Be-Gone and sprays)

Bully: What’s this? Here you go! (tries to punch CAMPER 1) OW! My hand! (tries to kick CAMPER 1) Ow! My leg!

Camper 1: (pushes the wall onto Bully)

Bully: Ahhhh! I surrender!

Bully Be Gone

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