Bucket Freeze

Category: Skits

Type of Skit Audience Participation, Funny, Improvisation
# of Participants 3
Props Needed: bucket of water or headphones/ear plugs


*For the duration of this skit, the action of submerging one’s head in water can be substituted with wearing ear plugs and looking the other way. Please remember to be safe around water and to stress the potential dangers of this skit to your campers*

Counselors: (Instruct CAMPERS to yell ‘freeze’ when the Counselor removes their head from the bucket or when they take out their ear plugs)

Counselor 1: (Submerges head in water for as long as they can, preventing them from seeing or hearing the improvisation)

Counselor 2 & 3: (Improvise a scene)

Counselor 1: (Removes head from water when they feel comfortable doing so)

Campers: Freeze!

Counselor 2 & 3: (Stay frozen in place)

Counselor 1: (Takes the place of one of the other COUNSELORS and improvises something new while the other Counselor takes his/her place in the bucket)

*The action can continue like this for a set amount of rounds or until the counselors are ready to stop*

Bucket Freeze

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Ultimate Camp Resource

“Bucket Freeze” on Ultimate Camp Resource

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