Category: Skits

Type of Skit Audience Participation, Funny, Prank
# of Participants At least 7, or as many as you’d like
Props Needed: 2-3 buckets of water


Leader: I am going to show you how to lay a proper campfire. I will use volunteers from the audience to represent different pieces of wood. (The Leader or some other counselors bring up various volunteers)

The first wood that we will put down will be the tinder and the kindling, represented by these volunteers. (The Volunteers stand, sit, or lay down close together. How you choose to position the Volunteers will depend who you ask to be a part of the skit. This skit works well when used to prank L.I.Ts or C.I.Ts)

The next step would be to lay the big logs on top of the smaller pieces. (The rest of the Volunteers lay on top of the others or surround them in a very tight circle. All Volunteers should be so close that there is no space between them)

Well, the fire is ready to light. (Leader strikes a match)

Helpers: IT’S ON FIRE!!! (Throw several buckets of water on the group of Volunteers)


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Ultimate Camp Resource

“Bonfire” on Ultimate Camp Resource

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