Big Game Hunting

Category: Skits

Type of Skit Funny, Punch Line
# of Participants 5
Props Needed: none


(enter: Hunter 1, 2, & 3 and Eavesdropper 1 & 2)

Hunter 1: All ready to go hunting?

Hunter 2: Yup, I got my shotgun right here. (motions to a pretend shotgun in his/her belt)

Hunter 3: I can’t wait to use my new rifle. (motions to a pretend rifle on his/her back)

Hunter 1: I just hope my grenade launcher will do the trick!

Eavesdropper 1: Can you help us settle a bet? We overheard you talking about your hunting trip.

Eavesdropper 2: Are you hunting wolves or moose?

Hunter 1: Why no, we’re going after mosquitoes!

Big Game Hunting

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“Big Game Hunting” on Ultimate Camp Resource

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