Category: Skits

a.k.a. “Bean Skit”
Type of Skit Funny
# of Participants 4
Props Needed: none
Suggested: bowl & spoon


Chef: (pretending to mix beans in a bowl)

Camper: (enters) Whatcha makin’?

Chef: Beans

Camper: Can I have some?

Chef: Sure! (gives Camper some beans, Camper falls on the ground) Doctor! Doctor!

Doctor: What seems to be the problem here?

Chef: I fed him/her my beans!

Doctor: (bends down to check pulse) Yup, he/she is dead!

Director: (enters) Cut! I don’t like it. It needs something. Do it slower.

(repeat the skit, following the Director’s directions)

[This skit can be repeated with a different direction each time: faster, slower, valley girl, drama, yelling, whispering, yodeling, dancing, etc.]


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Ultimate Camp Resource

“Bean Skit” on Ultimate Camp Resource

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