Category: Skits

Type of Skit Story, Scary, Audience Participation
# of Participants 3
Props Needed: Club


Narrator: I’m going to tell you a scary story. There was a woman, working alone at a company late at night, who was listening to the news on the radio. The radio mentioned car accidents, baseball scores and trouble in congress. She packed her bags to go home and as she was turning off the radio they mentioned an escaped convict.

Radio Voice: The man is a deranged killer. He walks with a limp, dragging one foot and he carries a bloody axe. He escaped by hacking three prison guards to death. He is armed and dangerous!

Narrator: The woman turned off the radio, turned off the lights and walked towards her car through the empty building. But as she walked, she heard footsteps in the distance behind her . . . step scrape, step scrape, step scrape. She walked faster. The footsteps came closer: step scrape, step scrape, step scrape. They came closer, closer, closer. Finally she reached the front door and turned the knob. Locked! She was trapped! Turning around …

Club Carrier: (runs in with the club, leaping over the audience, waving the club around) Aaargh!


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