Fly in the Grocery Store

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Fly walked in the grocery store
Alone, tee-hee all alone
He’s never been in a store before
Alone tee-hee all alone
He stepped on the bread
Wiped his feet on the ham
And stick out his tongue at his grocery man
And then he walked out of the store again
Alone, tee-hee all alone!

Fly in the Grocery Store

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One thought on “Fly in the Grocery Store

  1. Reminds me of the oyster stew song…I think these are the words.
    One day I ordered an oyster stew, alone, tee-hee, alone,
    And one little oyster came in view, alone, tee-hee, alone.
    He winked at me and he blinked at me, he bid me many a stew, said he,
    But don’t tell the cook that you saw me, alone, tee hee, alone.

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