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Oh Mr. Dunderbeck, how could you be so mean?
I told you you’d be sorry for inventing that machine.
Now all the neighbor’s cats and dogs will nevermore be seen,
They’ve all been ground to sausages in Dunderbeck’s machine.

There was a man from my home town
His name was Dunderbeck,
He sold a lot of sausages
And sauerkraut by heck.
He made the greatest sausages,
That ever had been seen,
Until one day he invented a sausage making machine.


One day a little camper
Came walking in the store,
He bought a pound of sausages
And laid them on the floor.
Then he began to whistle,
He whistled up a tune,
And all those little sausages
Went dancing round the room.


One day the machine it busted,
The darn thing wouldn’t go,
So Dunderbeck, he crawled inside
To see what made it so,
His wife, she had a nightmare
While walking in her sleep,
She gave that crank one awful yank
And Dunderbeck was meat.



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