Down on the Banks

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Down on the banks
Of the Hanky Panky
Where the bull frogs jump
From bank to banky
With an Eep! / hop to your right
Ipe! / hop to your left
Oop! / hop to the front
Op! / hop to the back
Eases off the lily with a Kerplop! / jump up and then crouch down

Down on the Banks

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One thought on “Down on the Banks

  1. This was a hand-clapping game for me; all the kids sat in a circle with their hands palm-up and placed their right hand on top of the person to their right’s left hand. When we started singing the leader started by slapping (gently) the right hand of the person to their left (that right hand being on top of the leader’s own left hand). As soon as the person to the leader’s left felt their hand slapped, they slapped the right hand of the person to their left, and so on. After the Eep/Ipe/Ope/Oop we added “Bang, Bang, Bang” in the same rhythm and whoever’s hand was slapped on the last “bang” was out and had to leave the circle. We continued until there was a winner.

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