Little Cabin in the Woods

Category: Songs

a.k.a. “Cabin in the Woods”, “Cottage in a Wood”
Tune See video below
Type of Song Repeat-After-Me, Actions, Build Upon/Take Away
Actions See lyrics below
Similar Songs Forty Years on an Iceberg“, “Swimming


*This song can be sung either as a simple repeat-after-me song or as a take away song.*
Little cabin in the woods (draw shape of cabin in the air)
Little old man at the window stood (hold hands up to eyes like binoculars, looking around)
Saw a rabbit hopping by (hop on the spot)
Running away from harm (run on the spot)
Help me, help me, help me, he said (pretend to beg)
Before the hunter shoots me dead (shoot with a pretend gun OR clap hands to the beat)
Come, little rabbit, come inside (gesture to come in)
Safely we will hide (stroke one hand with the other)

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Click Image to View PDF

2 thoughts on “Little Cabin in the Woods

  1. I learned a different version:
    Little cabin by the forest green
    Ba-doom ba-doom
    Saw a man at my window screen
    Ba-doom ba-doom
    Saw a rabbit go a hoppin’ on by
    Knockin’ at my door
    Ba-doom ba-doom ba-doom
    “Hey man, yeah, help is my plea,
    before the farm comes exterminate me.”
    “Little rabbit won’t you come inside
    safely to abide.”
    Ba-doom ba-doom ba-doom ba-doom ba-doom ba-doom yeah

    (All of the motions are the same as in your version. When you get you “yeah,” you say it like at the end of a jazz number, and wiggle your hands jazz-hand style.)

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