Bed Bug Song

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I woke up Monday morning,
I looked up on the wall,
The beetles and the bed bugs
Were having a game of ball.

The score was six to two
The beetles were ahead
The bed bugs hit a home run
And knocked me out of bed.

Singing eenie meanie and a minee moe
Catch a whipper whopper by the toe
And if he hollers, hollers, hollers
Don’t let him go
Singing eenie meanie and minee moe.

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3 thoughts on “Bed Bug Song

  1. I know the song as well as I get to my kids when they were growing up but I knew it a little bit differently it was…
    one night while I was sleeping I looked up on the wall the bed bugs and roaches were having a game of ball the score was 8 to nothing the roaches were head the bedbugs hit a homerun and this is what they said oh eanie meanie meanie miney mo mo mo mo catch the ta ta tiger by the toe toe toe if he hollers let him go eenie meenie meenie miney moe

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