Sara the Whale

a.k.a. “Sarah the Whale”
Tune See video below
Type of Song Sing-A-Long
Actions None
Similar Songs


Down Frisco Bay there lives a whale,
And she eats peanuts by the pail,
And washtubs,
And bathtubs,
And sailboats,
And schooners.

Her name is Sara and she’s a peach,
But don’t put food within her reach,
Or babies,
Or nursemaids,
Or chocolate ice cream sodas.

She loves to smile and when she smiles,
You can see her teeth for miles and miles,
And her tonsils,
And her spare ribs,
And things too fierce to mention.

So, what do you do in a case like that?
There’s nothing to do but sit on your hand,
Or your toothbrush,
Or your counselor,
Or anything else that’s useless!


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