10 Pin Knockdown

Category: Games

Type of Game Sports-Based
# of Participants 10-30
  • soft balls (at least 8 per team)
  • bowling pins or cones (at least 16)
Where to Play On a flat playing area that is roughly the size of a tennis court

How to Play

Split the participants up into two equal teams and allocate a side of the playing area for each.
The two teams then place their pins/cones around the playing area and spread themselves out.
When the leader says “go” the two teams try to knock down the other team’s cones/pins. The ball can only be rolled, it cannot be thrown. When a cone is knocked down, the participant who knocked it down raises their hand and walks to the other side to retrieve the pin/cone. They can then place that cone/pin anywhere on their side. Once a team has won all of the pins, the play ends.

You may also want to add some of the rules of dodge ball to make it more difficult. For example, you could decide that when a participant is hit by a ball from the knees down, they must join the other team.

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