A What?

Type of Game Circle Games, Mind Games, Still and Settled Games
# of Participants unlimited
Materials at least one object (like a ball) or 2 objects for a more challenging game
Where to Play inside or outside

How to Play:
The leader of the game arranges everyone into a circle and then begins play by passing the first object to the person on their right (Participant A). The leader says to Participant A, “this is a whit.”

Participant A asks the leader, “a what?” and the leader responds, “a whit.”

Participant A then passes the object to the person on their right (Participant B) and says, “this is a whit.”

Participant B asks Participant A, “a what?” Participant A then asks the leader, “a what?” The leader responds by saying, “a whit.” Participant A then turns to Participant B and says, “a whit.”

This pattern continues around the circle with the question “a what?” being asked of every participant after the leader, including the leader.

The game can be made more difficult by adding another object traveling in the opposite direction. This object should be called something similar, for example: wheat, whet, watt, etc.

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