Four Chairs

a.k.a. Four Cones
Type of Game Moving Games
# of Participants unlimited, best with a group of 10-40
Materials 4 cones or chairs
Where to Play outside

How to Play:
Before the game starts, set up four cones in a square with about 20-30 feet between each cone.

Divide the group into four smaller teams. Each team should come up with a team name. Tell the teams which cone is #1, #2, #3, and #4.

Have the teams line up around cone #1 with each team facing the cone from a different direction. Once they have lined up, the leader will tell them that they must line up this way every time. They must be facing the cone from the same direction and they must be in the same order.

The leader calls out a different cone number and the teams race to get to the cone and then to line up properly around it. The first team to line up on the right side of the cone, in the right order, and shouts their team name wins a point.

Play continues with the leader deciding how many points it will take to win.

This is a great video from Ultimate Camp Resource!

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