Type of Game Tag Game
# of Participants unlimited, works best with a large group
Materials a large ball for adults or older children or a small ball for younger children
Where to Play outside in an open area that is safe for running

How to Play:
Before the activity begins, mark out an area with pylons or other markers. This area should be large enough for the whole group to fit inside of it but not so large that the participants are far away from one another.

The leader will choose someone to be “it”. This person is Atlas and must carry the Earth (the ball). The leader will explain that Atlas is always carrying the Earth and that it gets heavy sometimes. He/she will explain that Atlas is going to try to get other people to help him/her to carry the Earth.

Atlas can carry and run with the ball anywhere inside the playing area. The participants must remain inside the playing area at all times. If anyone else touches the ball, they are on Atlas’ team. Atlas can try to get other people on his/her team in any way he/she can. This game is very similar to dodge ball, except that even if you catch the ball you’re still “out” and have to help Atlas.

Atlas’ helpers can move freely around the playing area when they don’t have the ball. While carrying the ball, they can only move 3 steps before they must try to get someone out with it or pass it to another member of Atlas’ team.

The game ends when only one person remains and everyone else has been recruited by Atlas.

This video is from Ultimate Camp Resource!

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