Type of Game Just Meeting, Circle Games, Icebreaker Games
Number of Participants a group of 10+ works best, larger groups may want to split up into multiple groups
Materials: none
Where to Play: inside or outside

How to Play:
Everyone stands in a circle with no spaces in between them. For this game to be effective, the participants must get really close!

The object of the game is to pass a snort around the circle, trying to make one another laugh. Someone starts the game, let’s call him/her Participant A, by snorting at the person on his/her left. The person on the left, we’ll call him/her Participant B, has to maintain eye contact while trying not to laugh! Participant B then has to turn and snort at the person on his/her left. The snorts are passed this way for a while and people who laugh while being snorted at are out!

After a few rounds of this, you can make it more difficult. Participants can change the direction of the snorts by choosing which way they snort. So, Participant A could snort to his/her left and Participant B could snort right back. Participants A and B could snort back and forth in an attempt to get one another out or they can pass the snort to the next person.

Every time someone gets out, they must leave the circle so that the circle can get even smaller.

The game ends when there is only one person left!

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