Who Is It?

Type of Game Circle Game, Mind Game
Number of Participants: 10+
Materials: none
Where to Play: inside or outside, in a space where you can stand and sit

How to Play:
Ask the participants to stand in a circle. The leader will secretly choose one of the campers to be “it”. No one but the leader can know who this person is.

The participants will then ask questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no”. For example, someone could ask “is it a boy?” If the “it” is a girl, the leader will say “no” and all of the male participants will sit down. They could also ask “are they wearing a hat?” and if the “it” is wearing a hat, the leader would say “yes” and everyone not wearing a hat would sit down.

Everyone is allowed to ask questions, even if they are sitting down. You can play until the campers successfully guess who the leader picked OR limit the number of questions they ask before they have to just guess.

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