Sing Down

Type of Game Still & Settled Game, Pen & Paper Games
Number of Participants unlimited, split large groups into smaller groups. This game is for older campers but the staff can help younger campers.
  • paper
  • pens
Where to Play inside

How to Play:
The leader splits all of the participants into smaller groups. Each group gets paper and a pen.

The leader tells the groups that they will be given a word, such as “love,” and that they must think of as many songs as they can with the word “love” in them. It doesn’t have to be in the title of the song, just somewhere in the lyrics. The leader then instructs them to write down as many songs as they can think of on their piece of paper.

After 3-5 minutes of brainstorming, the leader will stop the groups and tell one group to perform a line with “love” in it from one of their songs. If a group takes the song your group was going to perform, your group will have to perform a different one. The leader tells the groups that they can perform the song however they like but that he or she is judging them, so they should be creative. The participants can sing more than one line but they must sing the line with the word in it.

You can keep going through the groups until everyone has run out of songs and the last group standing wins (or wins a point).

This video is courtesy of Camp Leadership

The Hundred Acre Wood Camp has three groups: Pooh, Eeyore, and Piglet. Their leader, Rabbit, gives them the word “Beaver.”

Rabbit gives the three groups 3-5 minutes to come up with ideas. After 3-5 minutes, Pooh’s group goes first. They sing “I’m a beaver, you’re a beaver, we are beavers all!”

Eeyore’s group goes second. They sing “beaver one, beaver all, let’s all do the beaver call.”

Piglet’s group goes last but they only came up with the two songs already sung. Piglet’s group is out.

It’s Pooh’s turn to go again, they sing “there are beavers, beavers, beavers, with little meat cleavers, at the store, at the store.”

Eeyore’s group is out of songs so Pooh’s group wins.

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