Category: Songs

Tune The More We Get Together
Type of Song Round, Build Upon/Take Away, To the Tune Of . . .
Actions *if you know the actions please provide them in the comments below*
Similar Songs Rain Storm


This song is performed as a round in a similar way to “Rain Storm“. It works best if everyone is seated in a circle on the ground or around the campfire. The leader splits the group into four separate groups and gives each group a different sound to perform. So, group 1 will start with the first sound, “oom-pa-pa.” After a few rounds, the leader will point to group 2 and they will chime in with “oom-ss-ss.” The leader continues until all four groups/sounds have been incorporated. To end the song, the leader takes away one sound at a time in reverse until only group 1 is left. The last group can do a few more rounds before they finish.

  1. Oom-pa-pa
  2. Oom-ss-ss
  3. Oom-tiddle-dee-dee
  4. Na-na-na-na-na-na (Tune = “The More We Get Together“)
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Click Image to View PDF

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