Blue Trolls

Category: Skits

a.k.a.  “Rough Riders”
Type of Skit Funny, Punch Line
# of Participants 6
Props None


(Two campers are walking through the woods. They come to a campsite and realize that they only have a one person tent.)

Camper 1: Our tent only fits one person!

Camper 2: Which one of us gets to sleep in it then?

Camper 1: Let’s play rock paper scissors to decide.

Camper 2: OK

(The two campers play rock paper scissors and Camper 1 wins. Camper 1 goes into the tent to sleep and Camper 2 lies down on the ground. They fall asleep.)

Blue Trolls: (Enter) We’re the Blue Trolls! (They run towards Camper 2 and scare him/her. They run off stage again. Camper 2 runs to Camper 1.)

Camper 2: A MONSTER! I was just attacked by terrifying monsters! Please let me sleep in the tent!

Camper 1: What? There’s nothing to be afraid of, you probably just heard an owl. Go back to sleep.

(Camper 2 lies back down and falls asleep.)

Blue Trolls: (Enter) We’re the Blue Trolls!

(The Blue Trolls leave again.)

Camper 2: AHHH! MONSTERS! I’m serious, there’s something out here. Please please please can I sleep in the tent?

Camper 1: I guess so, I won’t get any sleep if we don’t switch.

(Camper 1 lies down on the ground while Camper 2 goes into the tent.)

Blue Troll 1: (Enter) Wait, we’ve gotten this guy enough! Let’s get the guy in the tent!

(The Blue Trolls scare Camper #2 again.)

Blue Trolls

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Ultimate Camp Resource

“Blue Trolls or Rough Riders” on Ultimate Camp Resource

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