Repeat-After-Me Song List

Repeat-After-Me Songs (or Call and Answer Songs) are camp songs in which the leader (or part of the group) calls out a line of the song and the rest of the group repeats it back to them. Singing a new song as a Repeat-After-Me Song is a great way to help campers learn the lyrics and actions.

You can let your campers know that you’re about to sing a Repeat-After-Me Song by saying one of the following and having your campers say it back to you to start the song.

  • “This is a Repeat-After-Me song!”
  • “This song is a Neato-Repeato!” / “That means you do what I do!” / “And you say what I say!”
  • “This is a Repeat-After-Me song!” / “And a do as I do song!” / “So if we’re standing!” / “You should too!” – submitted by Stephanie
  • “It’s a Repeat-After-Me song, what is it?” / “It’s a sing LOUDER than me song, what is it?” – submitted by Jas
  • If your camp has a neat way of starting Repeat-After-Me Songs, put it in the comments below!
  1. Alligator
  2. Bazooka Bubble Gum
  3. The Bear Song
  4. Big Buffalo
  5. Big Camp Mambo
  6. Bill Grogan’s Goat
  7. Boogaloo
  8. Boom Chicka Boom
  9. Break it Down
  10. Brown Squirrel
  11. Buffalo Cheer
  12. The Buffalo Song
  13. Calamine Lotion
  14. Coast to Coast
  15. Combination Underwear
  16. Cutest Worm, The
  17. Disco
  18. Down by the Bay
  19. Eat A Lot of Pizza
  20. Everywhere We Go
  21. Flea Fly!
  22. Froggy
  23. The Funky Chicken
  24. Green Grass
  25. Ham and Eggs
  26. Hole in My Bucket
  27. Jaybird
  28. Keep on the Sunny Side
  29. Koomalotta
  30. Lion Hunt
  31. The Moose Song
  32. Picking Out A Thermos
  33. The Princess Pat
  34. Ravioli
  35. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
  36. Sixties Party
  37. Tarzan
  38. Telephone
  39. Weenie Man
  40. Wha Daten Chu

2 thoughts on “Repeat-After-Me Song List

  1. We start with

    It’s a repeat after me song, what is it?
    (they repeat)
    It’s a sing LOUDER than me song, what is it?
    (they repeat)
    -Song begins-

  2. We start with.
    “this is a repeat after me song”
    (camp repeats)
    “And a do as I do song”
    (camp repeats)
    “So if we’re standing…”
    (camp repeats)
    “You should too!!!”
    (camp repeats)
    Then we start the song.

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